Good News from Great Britain

Union-JackDear Golf Fans,

Thank you for indulging another deviation from the norm for me to happily report that the British publication, StepAway Magazine has accepted my flash nonfiction piece, “Well-Heeled.” It’s an essay of random observations I made about people’s footwear while in Manhattan some years ago. While none of these shoes were of the spiked, golfing variety, I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless. Look for it to run in their forthcoming issue, available by year’s end.


Attention Holiday Shoppers!

Christmas Card Ad 2

UPDATE: JustinBoundz Christmas Cards are now available at most major golf retailers nationwide as well as online at

You remember JustinBoundz, that funny golf cartoon that always puts a smile on your face? You know, the one with The Far Side-style hilarity that brightens your day and reminds you that golf is just a game? Why not share the magic of Lane’s humor with your loved ones this holiday season by giving them a JustinBoundz Christmas card? It’s the least you can do to show them how much you really care. Why not buy four or five? Get one for your local golf pro. One for the gal that works the nineteenth hole. One for the kid at the bag drop who often gets stiffed on tips. One for the guy in the range picker that everyone drills with knock-down seven irons. Maybe even one for that golfer in your group who spends too much time fishing balls out of hazards, but makes up for it by giving you a box of gently used Pro V1s year after year.

Seriously. You’re going to be shopping in stores or online anyway. Just add a card or two to your cart and spread some good ol’ JustinBoundz Christmas cheer this holiday season…they’ll thank you for it!

Publishing News

PlazaAlthough most of you–the thoughtful fans, followers, and visitors of this site–are likely here for The Far Side-style humor of JustinBoundz or the occasional golf article, I have news of a different sort. Waccamaw has just published my essay, “Corrida de Toros.” It’s about the first summer I spent with my father after he remarried and moved from our home in Ohio to El Paso, Texas with his new family. Click HERE to check it out and thanks for reading.