Christmas Can Wait

Thanksgiving AdJustinBoundz Christmas cards are now available at a golf store near you, but don’t buy any…at least not yet. Most major retailers would have you believe that you need to get a jump on your holiday shopping, but you’ve got plenty of time. Instead, give Thanksgiving its due. It’s not just an occasion for food and football, but also an opportunity to be with family and friends. How often do you get to spend quality time with your in-laws? Or debate politics and theology with your uncle? Or be reminded by your aunt that she only eats gluten-free? Or to learn about the inhumane treatment of turkeys thanks to your cousin? Or to watch your nephew shove garden peas up his nose at the kids’ table for hours on end?

Of course, if, midway through your meal, you find yourself overcome by the spirit of the holidays and the uncontrollable desire to go on a spending spree to buy gifts for all of the loved ones gathered in your home, then, by all means, feel free to pick up a few JustinBoundz Christmas cards while you’re out.