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Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Ph: 843.365.1363

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  1. Mr. Osbourne-
    A year or so ago I asked you how to find a couple of cards you show in your gallery but not at Café Press for purchase. You told me that not all your gallery was included at Café press but you could transfer them there so I could purchase them…You did and I did. I gave one to a friend on his birthday and I framed one for myself and am very happy with both results.
    Once again I would like to request your help in finding three more selections. It seems that the birthday card was a bigger hit than even I knew about and now two of the wives want to get cards for their husbands. If possible can I request you to tell me how to find the new cards? The following are the picture numbers from your Watercreek gallery, I don’t know what they convert to at Café Press. The most important ones are 060 and 055, should you have a problem these four numbers these can be alternates…045 and 046.
    048 I have the three qualities…
    O61 I thought I was just in a slump…
    *060 Anybody beat a ten…
    *055 Ye Olde Repair Shoppe…

    As before I appreciate whatever help you can give.
    Jim Fenton

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