Lane Osborne has earned national acclaim for his artwork which is owned and admired by people all over the world including a former president, political figures, professional athletes, celebrities, and art enthusiasts everywhere.

After graduating from Coastal Carolina University, Lane played professional golf for nearly ten years before public interest in his artwork led him down a different career path.

Since then, Lane’s artwork has been featured in countless newspapers, magazines, media presentations, web sites, and galleries. His golf cartoon, JustinBoundz, is the monthly cartoon feature of The Carolinas Golf Times.


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  1. Mr. Osborne, I purchased a couple of golf greeting from you last year. At the time you responded telling the cartoon I wanted was available at Cafe Press. I gave the cards for gifts (framed) and they were received well. Once again I would like to do the same for yet another of your great depictions…it is golf 055 from 2005.
    If this is available as a large greeting card I would like to order one.

    Please advise if this is possible,
    Regards Jim Fenton

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