Like a Good Neighbor…

With the ability to conjure a sandwich, the girl from 4E, and a hot tub just by singing their jingle, State Farm has garnered a reputation for delivering on seemingly impossible promises.

So it should come as little surprise that when Gary Hubbard, the State Farm Division Manager of Claims in the Pacific Northwest Regional Office, recently retired, he was honored with a JustinBoundz themed cake, compliments of the talented Jeanie James.

Congratulations, Gary! Hope your retirement is filled with golf and good times!

JustinBoundz Cake

The Next Great Debate


Perhaps no greater national discourse has been had since the Lincoln-Douglas Debates in ’58, than determining whether or not the diameter of golf holes should be increased in an effort to add to the enjoyability of the game for recreational golfers. You may remember Walter GC considering the pros and cons before landing on the side of keeping it as it is. Now, Hawaiian-based golf blogger, Victor Bond has taken a different stance, advocating for a Goldilocks approach–a larger golf hole that’s not too big or too small, but just right. So what can they agree on? That JustinBoundz is the best way to illustrate their point! You can re-familiarize yourself with Walter GC’s argument by clicking HERE, and read Bond’s by clicking HERE.

The Value of Visual Marketing


Did you know that companies constantly looking for a competitive edge and a greater gain of market share have in recent years come to understand the value of visual marketing? Forbes Magazine, TechCrunch, and Fast Company, among others, have all noted this new trend in recent articles, stressing the importance of businesses leaving their clients with a lasting image and impression.

That’s why corporations like Marshall Hotels & Resorts, Inc., organizations like Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., and nonprofits like Cheverus High School have all used Lane Osborne’s artwork to get their message out. They’re among Lane’s many clients who have chosen his artwork to successfully promote their products, projects, and publications by adding personality with a professional touch. Whether selecting from his extensive collection of artwork or opting for customized cartoons and illustrations catered specifically to your needs, using Lane’s artwork is easy, affordable, and effective.

Visit our licensing page for more information and contact us when you’re ready to make a positive, lasting impression with your customers, clients, or staff!

Father’s Day is When?!

Card KioskOn the heels of Memorial Day cookouts, kids soon finishing their school year, and the smell of Hawaiian Tropic already wafting on early summer breezes, it’s easy to forget that Father’s Day is only two weeks away. If you still haven’t gotten something for all of the dads you know and love, don’t worry! Our top-notch staff at has compiled a simple Father’s Day gift guide to make your life a little easier.

If you’re looking for traditional gift ideas, click here. If you’re looking for trendy gift ideas, click here. (If you’re my wife or kids, click here.) And if you’re looking for the PERFECT greeting card to go with anything you buy, click here!